If you prefer the timeless look of a wetroom with a central outlet, look no further than the Symmetry range.

Symmetry has been designed for a broad range of users. It’s flush to floor entry, flat surface and flush fitting waste cover combine to minimise hazardous trip areas for young children and older people. Smart Water Technology allows surplus water to be drawn from the surface preventing puddling and minimising the risk of slipping on soapy deposits. It also allows the tray to appear almost flat when fitted flush to the floor giving that all important wetroom look. The waste cover has also been designed to be fully load bearing which combined with smart surface technology gives easy access to wheelchair users. Everything is considered, even the waste cover has been designed to minimise the possibility of damaging ‘tiny toes’. Like the Linear, the Symmetry is a breakthrough in shower tray design offering the smart modern look of a wetroom for all the family but without the associated costs and fitting challenges. It is simply fitted as a shower tray, no tanking or waterproofing is required. Finally, if you choose our optional Anti-Slip surface, you can be sure of a lifetime of underfoot confidence when you shower. Every aspect of the Symmetry design benefits from the Smart Water Technology that allows it to function as well as it looks.

How do the features and benefits of the Symmetry, compare with other ranges?

Simple Flush Fitting Option

Unique Smart Technology

Our virtual flat surface technology allows the tray to appear almost flat whilst leaving minimal water or soap deposits during showering. Through advanced design, liquid is drawn from the surface and delivered at the correct velocity to a capture chamber beneath the waste cover. This ensures that the vortex waste unit is fed at the optimum rate allowing it to function at over an incredible 30 litres per minute, keeping excess water and soap deposits to an absolute minimum.  The waste unit has no moving parts and is entirely self-cleaning making this technology extremely reliable, much reducing the possibility of blockages.

It took over 2 years for us to develop this revolutionary and unique technology. Like much great design, the simplest of forms mask the true level of thought and understanding that lie behind them.


  • Centre waste wetroom look
  • Available in 36 different sizes (Market leading Anti-Slip option available in 12 sizes)
  • Made from 100% natural stone resin
  • Fully recyclable
  • Ultra-low profile 25mm high with simple flush to floor fitting option
  • Can be fitted on all types of floor
  • Fitted as normal shower tray – no tanking or water proofing required
  • Recommended for all users including;  elderly, less abled and young children
  • Unique square 135mm x 135mm stainless steel flush fitting waste cover (fully load-bearing)
  • Dedicated high flow, self-cleaning vortex waste unit
  • Smart Water Technology
  • Water removal tested to over 30 litres per minute
  • Step free access – no hazardous trip areas for young children and older people
  • Smart virtual flat surface technology for maximised water drainage and that wetroom look
  • Fully complies with EN274 European standard for shower flow rates
  • Tough repairable gelcoat surface
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Suitable for wheelchair access
  • Designed and made in the UK


The Symmetry has been designed for fitting on wooden or concrete floors. Because of its modern square waste water cover, it is plumbed from the centre of the tray, allowing the waste water outlet to be fitted in any direction, minimising install time and allowing for maximum plumbing flexibility (joist location permitting).

See here for full fitting instructions

linear plumb



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Traymate Symmetry Shower Tray
Traymate Symmetry Shower Tray