If you are looking for a modern, ultra-low-profile shower tray that will continue to look great for years to come, but feel you don’t need flush-to-the-floor fitting or that contemporary wetroom look, this is the range for you.

With its 25mm height, stylish good looks and ease of fitting, the Elementary leads the way in the traditional shower tray market. Look closer and you’ll see the unique and ultra-modern adjustable square waste cover and the unique vortex waste unit which removes water from the tray at over 28 litres per minute, faster than any comparable tray in its class. Want to fit the Elementary off of the floor? Simply use the unique and innovative optional leg set.  What’s more, our commitment to innovation extends to the optional anti-slip surface of the tray (Also available in the Symmetry range). Rather than applying this after manufacture, we have developed a unique process to incorporate the anti-slip surface into the tray itself, ensuring a lifetime of confidence when you’re in the shower, and doing away with the need to replace it. For further information on the Anti-Slip range, click here.

Stylish, hardwearing and easy to install, the Elementary is ideal for families of all ages.

How do the features and benefits of the Elementary, compare with other ranges?

Ultra Low Profile


  • Stylish, contemporary design which will look good for years
  • Available in 34 different sizes (market leading Anti-Slip option available in 30 sizes)
  • Made from 100% natural stone resin
  • Fully recyclable
  • Ultra-low profile 25mm high. Typical installation 10-15mm entry step
  • Can be fitted on all types of floor or off of the floor with simple leg set option
  • Recommended for general family (elderly users advised to use Anti-Slip option)
  • Dedicated high flow waste unit (purchased separately)
  • Unique, ultra-modern adjustable square waste cover (purchased separately with the waste unit)
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Tough repairable gelcoat surface
  • Fully complies with EN274 European standard for shower flow rates
  • Water removal tested to 28 litres per minute
  • Designed and made in UK


Fitting the Elementary couldn’t be easier – you can choose to have it sitting on the floor, maximising the modern ultra-low profile look of the tray, or you can use the simple leg set option to raise the tray off the floor if the ultra-low profile look isn’t suitable for your bathroom. It also has a 360-degree fitting option for the outlet (joist location permitting).

See here for full fitting instructions

linear plumb



700 x 700

760 x 760

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900 x 760 1400 x 760
900 x 800 1400 x 800
1000 x 760 1400 x 900
1000 x 800 1500 x 760
1000 x 900 1500 x 800
1100 x 800 1500 x 900
1100 x 900 1600 x 800
1200 x 700 1600 x 900
1200 x 760 1700 x 700
1200 x 800 1700 x 760
1200 x 900 1700 x 800
1700 x 900


800 x 800 Q

900 x 900 Q

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1200 x 900 Q

Traymate Elementary Shower Tray
Traymate Elementary Shower Tray